What This Blog Is All About


Walking down the street earlier this year I passed by a pile of household garbage; chairs, a mattress, a broken shelf and a few more things. This got me wondering what the county did with bulk collection. I called waste management to ask later that day, the lady on the other end of the phone proceeded to tell me ” well its garbage, it gets broken down and added to the trash.”

The idea that the big stuff, which maybe was just a little worn and in need of repair, was going to the dump really didn’t sit well with me. But like many people I pushed this idea from my mind and let my busy schedule rule my life. Over the next few months every time I saw something on the curb waiting for pickup I was reminded of what the women said to me.

This is what started me thinking about trash and how we treat our community. We are willing as a society to allow these goods to go to the landfill rather that give them to people in need, or reuse what we have instead of buying new stuff. Little did I know the seed was planted within me, and had really begun to grow till eventually I got the crazy idea that maybe I could do something to help my community realize what we are doing or at least inspire them to take a look at what they can do to make a difference in their life’s and community.

Inspiring others is a big deal, it’s difficult to do honestly. I began wondering if I could be someone inspirational? Taking a real hard look at myself I recognized I didn’t like everything I saw. I treated myself like a dump, eating poor quality food, drinking soda and using products with all sorts of chemicals. Repulsed by what I was doing to myself I started to change immediately; eating better, working out consistently, worked on being more organized, and I threw out all the harsh chemicals I was using on myself, my house, my laundry, and my yard replacing them with more natural products. I started collecting items on the side of the road and giving them new life and selling them at reasonable costs. I also took in a large truck load of discarded pallets headed for the dump and began building things out of them.

This revolution, my revolution to be a better person for myself, my family, my community and my world has officially begun.

My ultimate goal is to inspire others to treat themselves and their community with more respect through living a more thoughtful life. Giving thought to our lifestyle choices, personal care, community involvement, and what we do with our garbage. I will be showing you how to be a more organized person making, how to make healthy choices for yourself and family, how to create new things from old discarded furniture, and how to impact your community for the better. But first things first before we can change the world we must first change ourselves.

“The only people who can change the world are people who want to. And not everybody does.”
― Hugh MacLeod

Repurposed Pallets

I fell in love with shipping pallets a few years ago, I know it sounds crazy but just for a minute put yourself into the pallets shoes.
A pallets story…
A pallet is built with sturdy wood for the intended purpose of shipping things around the world. The types of items they ship range from food, clothing, building supplies, car parts, appliances, the metal support beams for bridges, furniture, and so much more.
Isn’t that amazing! I know I’m a dork, but I really do find it simply amazing that shipping pallets are used for such incredible things and then can be deconstructed and turned into well almost anything you can imagine!

Keep your eyes open for several more posts of pallet projects, step by step instructions, how to deconstruct a pallet, and pallet art work!

From Boring to Bright

Let me just start by saying I have never reupholstered anything. I love to sew and vaguely remember my mom making covers for her couches when I was little. That being said I decided I wanted to give it a try.

I began searching for a chair, a simple, just needs to be stapled kind of chair to reupholster.

I found this chair at the local Rescue Mission Thrift Store for $4!


When I got home I took it apart and began to sand the frame.



After I was finished sanding I attempted to put on a stand. My first attempt was not successful as it was not soaking into the wood. So I sanded it again, this time when I was done I put on a wood conditioner and my next attempt with the stain was much more successful. I choose a color not too far from the original, I only wanted it slightly darker.

Do you have any staining tips, share in the comments?

Next I went to JoAnn Fabrics in search of a home decor material, it just so happens when I went all the material was 60%!! After spending less than $10 on a beautiful fabric I came home to try out my luck in reupholstering.

Since there was nothing wrong with the existing fabric, I made the decision to leave it on and just cover it up. I thought it would just add a little extra cushion to the chair.

I began by folding and stapling the material on the bottom and just wrapped it around. Sorry I don’t have any pictures of this step. I folded in the corners and stapled along the way pulling the material tight until I reach the bottom again. The seat was easy, I struggled with the back rest. It took me several attempts to get the folds right to cover the material underneath, but I finally succeeded.


Tell me what you think? I know it’s not perfect, but for my first attempt I think it was a success. I paid less than $15 for all the material I needed and sold it for $50. Next time I plan on actually reupholstering something not just covering it up, stay tuned to see how that turns out!

All About Cari

I’m an organized, outgoing, passionate, family oriented, healthy living, and fitness loving mom! My days are filled with cooking for my family, cleaning my house, occupying my one year old, working on whatever project I’ve chosen for the week, and playing on pinterest!


The basics…

I was born and raised in the beautiful sunshine state of Florida. I’m 27, I have one child, and I’m in love with a wonderful man, Matt! I like to be outdoors, listening to live music, exploring my community, going to festivals, spending time with my family, playing on pinterest, exploiting my creative side anyway I can, and so much more.

Where I get my talent from…

My mother taught me the value of eating well, and choosing the best quality food for myself and family. My father and step father taught me how to work hard, build things and take pride in my work.

Where I am right now in my life…..

Currently I am enjoying my time as a stay at home mom, volunteering with a local musical foundation called the Jefferson Center, and attempting to become an upcyclist (someone who transforms trash into treasure). Each day I try to juggle one of the many hats I wear as a mom, a blogger, an upcyclist, a homemaker, an event planner, a girlfriend, a friend, and a woman. Some days I do better than others, some days I completely fail, but I’m only human and believe that as long as I’m trying to do my best in the present moment I count that day as a success.

I’ll talk more about the “why” I am writing this blog tomorrow!

A Thoughtful Life

It is my opinion that we all (everyone in the whole world) need to start living more thoughtfully. Basically saying we need to put more thought into our personal impact on the world and more importantly we need to put more thought into how we treat ourselves, our homes, our community and the people we interact with. This is true for me personally as well, I need to start making more of an effort to live more naturally and intentionally.

Starting today I am challenging myself to live more naturally, more thoughtfully! Follow me on my journey. During this new adventure I will dive into many topics; some of those topics will be healthy living, going green, supporting local businesses, upcycling old discarded furniture, rebuilding with leftover building materials and shipping pallets just to name a few! Do you have an suggestions for topics to cover in this blog; leave them in the comments below.

Tomorrow I will begin by telling you my story and why this matters so much to me. Join me as i embark on this adventure to better myself and better the world one day at a time!